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Interview: Thomas Östros, Swedish Bankers’ Association

Sep 26th, 2013
Thomas Ostros, managing director at the Swedish Bankers Association

Thomas Östros, managing director at the Swedish Bankers’ Association, spoke to Nordic FIs & Covered about the state of the Swedish banking sector, risks stemming from the NSFR, the potential for regulatory overreach, and more.

Interview: Ane Arnth Jensen, Realkreditrådet

Jun 27th, 2013
Ane Arnth Jensen image

Ane Arnth Jensen, managing director of the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks (Realkreditrådet), spoke to Nordic FIs & Covered about regulatory issues that could impact Denmark’s system.

Standard & Poor’s sees longer term, CITA shift in Danish mortgage lending

Jun 27th, 2013

Standard & Poor’s expects a shift in the Danish mortgage market towards longer term and CITA-linked loans, despite questions about their popularity in light of the costs associated with such mortgage products.